Singing Tips

overcoming stage fright

Tips for Overcoming Stage Fright When Singing

Performance anxiety doesn’t choose what you do, it’s always there and it can literally affect someone’s job. It’s also prevalent in singers, and it’s commonly known as stage fright to them. It is explained as a feeling of fright of committing mistakes while singing and losing confidence afterwards, resulting to […]

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Can anyone learn to sing

Can Anyone Learn To Sing?

The question “ Can anyone learn to sing? ” is asked many times, and you can find hundreds of websites dedicated to the answer. We have all heard voices that do not sound very nice when they sing. Talent shows are often full of people who are full of themselves […]

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How to improve your singing voice

How To Improve Your Singing Voice

People who love what they are doing often look for ways to become even better. Singers are people like that. You will hardly ever find a singer who hates singing, and most good singers have only become good because they dedicated a lot of time and other resources towards their […]

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How to become a better singer

How To Become A Better Singer

You love to sing but you feel like you have not reached your true potential. This could very much be true, as even professional singers never stop practicing. Becoming a better singer is similar to becoming a better cook, a better runner, a better writer, or a better gardener. In […]

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