What singing techniques are there?

People often confuse singing techniques, vocal techniques and general singing tips with each other and think that knowing one is enough to know the others.

Singing techniques are not something that teach you how to sing well. You will already have to be a reasonably good singer if you would like to master singing techniques.

People with weak and untrained voices will simply not be able to master many or even any singing techniques.

Some examples of well known singing techniques are the famous death growl of metal and hard rock, belting, scat singing, and Sprechgesang (which has no direct English translation but is basically singing and talking at the same time – similar to rap but different).

Do I need to become an expert on singing techniques?

If you are a beginner, you should not worry about singing techniques too much. Your goal most likely is to either start singing or becoming a better singer than you already are.

Most likely you know that you do have some issues when it comes to singing, and focusing on advanced things like singing techniques will not help you to solve your more basic singing problems.

Singing techniques are an advanced topic once you have mastered the basics. Work on your breathing and your vocal range. Become confident with your singing, and then you can take the next step.

You will not need to know all singing techniques, and it will not be necessary that you master all of them. It is very unlikely that you would like to use all of them. So choose the ones you like listening to, and see whether they will fit your voice.

Are singing techniques all I need to be a good singer?

Singing techniques are something that can add a certain extra to your singing. They are not the basics, they are like the icing on the cake. If you would like to be a good singer, you first have to make sure that you bake a good cake, so to say, before you worry about the icing.

The things you need to become a good singer are dedication, time, practice, and vocal chords. Singing techniques and their mastery are not what make you a good singer. They are what make you a great singer.

Where can I learn singing techniques?

Singing techniques can be learned in a variety of places. You can learn them on your own by listening to singers who use the singing techniques you would like to learn. You can read book, watch videos, go to concerts, listen to CDs, visit singing classes, or hire a vocal coach who will be able to teach you singing techniques and much more.

The most important thing in all cases is that you practice a lot. You should try to fit in some minutes of singing every day. You do not always actively need to work on your techniques or your vocal range. Simply sing. The more you sing, the better you will become over time if you also add some technical training sessions into your schedule.

It is important that you choose a style of learning and practice that suits your personality and lifestyle. You need to have fun with improving your singing, otherwise you will not stick to it and soon give up.

What if I want to become a better singer without teacher and classes?

Some people do well in a group, almost everyone does well with a singing teacher or vocal coach, but there are also people who would like to be more independent and who would like to work at their own pace, and practice when their schedule allows it instead of having to go to a scheduled class or meeting.

If you learn singing on your own and would like to add some great singing techniques to your skills, then you need to be aware that you cannot do everything on your own, and that you should get at least some support and help from outside sources. Fortunately, this source does not necessarily have to be another human being.

There is a software program called Singorama, which will be very useful for people who would like to improve their singing techniques on their own time.

The software package comes with a variety of features that help you during your training sessions and which will help you to become a better singer than before. Singorama has already helped thousands of people – and you might be the next one who writes a positive review about it.

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